Sprig Knitwear


Our knitwear is made from pure lambswool, which means, it needs care taken to ensure it's longevity. Here's some of our best advice and tips to help you get the most out of your knitwear;


 We are so glad you love your knitwear, but guess what, so do moths - they love it so much they will actually eat away at your lambswool garment and they will nest their eggs in it too... it's not great so here's how to avoid them:

Keep your knitwear clean, food stains make your garments even tastier and will attract moths.

During the summer we recommend we storing your knitwear in air tight bags before you pack it away.

Dust and dark places are great invitations for moths, they just love it.

For more information on moth prevention and sourcing natural repellents please visit


Dry cleaning is the best way to clean your knitwear.

To freshen up your knitwear - hang your knitted garment in the bathroom while having a shower. The steam will help refresh your product as lambswool has self-cleaning properties.

You can also wash your garment by hand with cold water and specific detergents for cleaning wool products, which you can find by looking for the Woolmark logo on detergent packaging.

Keep your knitwear flat while drying.

Avoid using a washing machine as this may shrink your knitwear.

That's it! Any other concerns or questions please feel free to drop us an email